Remarks by Allyson

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I had a difficult time formulating some of my thoughts, so I turned on my TV to the Fox News channel and the thoughts began to flow…for those who do not know, my Dad LOVED Fox News.

Since I am the oldest, I have the most memories of my Dad, and have decided to share a few of them.

My Dad took time to be with us.  I have watched home movies of my Dad coming home after a long day of work, and giving me a piggy back ride, or letting me dance on his feet.  It is only now that I am older that I appreciate the fact that his back must have ached after a long day of Dentistry, and yet he didn’t complain, but took the time to play with me.

My Dad was persistent:

One year, along with my grandmothers, we purchased a LARGE satellite dish for my family for Christmas.  It was about the six foot kind.  In order to set it up,my Dad learned that we needed to align the dish to the North Star.  We went out several nights, but it was too cloudy to ever find the North Star.  Finally, one night in December 1991 we attended a play in LA, and by time we got back it was well aftermidnight.  “Come on my Dad said…grab the flashlight…we need to align this Satellite tonight”.  We tried for a few minutes and then it started to rain.  I was ready to retire for the evening, but the rain didn’t stop my Dad.  “Go get an umbrella he said” and so finally, after 1:30 or 2:00am, we aligned that satellite dish with the North Star.  I was ready to give up way before that, but he wouldn’t go to bed until it was done!

Because I am single, I used to create a “Daddy Do List”.  Sometimes he would work off the Daddy Do List before accomplishing my mom’s Honey Do List.  One time he was building a window seat for me.  Because I live in a condo complex, and we have a noise ordinance, I figured he would not be able to finish the job for several more evenings.  He dutifully came over after work, and went to countless Home Depot trips for me…but one particular evening he was working with the electric saw right up to the evening noise curfew.  When I reminded him that he couldn’t use the electric saw any more because it might impose on my neighbors, he promptly put the electric saw away, and got out the hand saw so that he could finish the job!  That was my Dad, never unduly imposing on others, but persistent to the end!


One time…I’m sorry to admit, I forged my Dad’s name for a school document for what I felt was a VERY GOOD reason.  For those of my students here…please learn from my mistake…and don’t try this at home.  After forging his name, I felt horrible…and I knew I needed to repent.  So, I went to my Dad and explained what I had done.  His reply was “well, if that’s all you did, that’s not too bad.”  I then waited for the lecture…and I waited and I waited…and it never came.  He knew I felt bad for what I had done, and there was nothing else he needed to say…he simply forgave me and that was it.


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