Remarks by D. Max

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            I had a hard time getting my thoughts on paper, so hopefully I can convey
them to you!   Here are a couple of quick stories.  One of my (and my
wife’s) favorite scriptures is Matthew 5:14&16

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be

16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven. I think this scripture aptly
describes my father.  He, for me was a light.

          Many of you know that I decided to follow in my father’s
footsteps and go into dentistry.  And in the past few years I have had a
wonderful experience working with him--learning from him, and having him
teach the things that he has had so many years to develop and master.  But
one of the reasons I went into dentistry (as I thought about this) were from
some of my past experiences of being in the office with him and I wanted to
share some of those with you.

            When we were little children after we finished getting our teeth
cleaned, he didn’t just get up and walk away and say you’re done…there was
still one more event that had to happen.  He would get up and quickly take
the air/water syringe and start squirting it in your mouth, and then proceed
to walk out of the operatory to see how far away he could get before the
water finally ended up getting all over your face.  And you were stuck!—do
you move knowing that you’re going to get wet?  Or do you sit there and take
it for as long as you can knowing that at some point you’re going to get wet

            My Dad loved life.  He loved to play and he loved to tease and
have fun.  One other experience that I had in the dental office when I was
getting some work done (I don’t know if one of my siblings will talk about
this) but he LOVED slapstick movies.  There was an old TV that we kids could
watch while we waited for Dad. At one point at the end of the day  I was
watching the movie “The Three Amigos”.  He finished some other work and was
ready to work on me.  He came to the back to see what I was doing.  Since I
was watching “The Three Amigos” he said, “Oh, that’s a great movie, let’s
watch that!  Let’s put it on this monitor in here”—so we proceeded into the
dental operatory and we put the movie on—and for those of you who don’t like
dentistry, try doing it while the operator is watching and laughing at “The
Three Amigos”.  Needless to say that event is forged in my mind.

            I’m grateful for all that he has done.  He was a very patient
man.  As I’ve developed in my career he has been patient through my slowness
and through my learning and he has always been there for me.


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