Remarks by Danny

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As you all know, my father always led by example and not by his words alone.  3 major lessons that I learned from his example are:

  1. His love for the Lord: He was always willing to serve his fellow man and magnify his priesthood.  I have many fond memories of attending priesthood sessions together, and always going to the Pepper Tree for ice cream afterwards, or picking oranges at the Orange Grove, or lending a hand to families in need w/out any complaints.  Before returning back to school this past fall, he gave me the last of many Fathers blessings over the years that I reflect on often.  He truly magnified his priesthood authority and demonstrated his love for the Lord through his humble service.
  2. His love for my Mother: I can honestly say that I never heard him speak unkindly regarding my mother.  He was always willing to accompany her to all her church responsibilities and brought into our home a feeling of true love and devotion.
  3. His love for his children: I always knew my dad would be in the stands at any of our sporting events.  In fact, the only thing that could get my dad fired up was when a ref made a poor call against one of his children.  He encouraged us to excel in any endeavor that we performed.

My Dad was full of love for the Lord, my mom, and his family.  I want to publicly express my love for my dad and that I have accepted the huge responsibility of being his son and carrying forth the example he has set.


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