Remarks by Jenny

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Dad was very adventurous.  There was never a vacation that he didnít want to try
something new or do something fun.  I remember when I was about 10 yrs old, going to
Magic Mountain.  There was a roller coaster that had a loop that all my brothers wanted
to go on, but I was convinced there was no way that I was going to get on it.  Dad
waited patiently while everyone else went on, but Iím sure he was just as anxious to go
on it as well.  He kept asking me all day if I would go on it with him, assuring me it
would be so fun.  I finally gave in, actually had a great time, and was never scared of
roller coasters again!
I remember going on many hikes with Dad, including Mt. Shasta and the ski slope in
Jackson Hole in the summer where we literally had to push him up the mountainside. 
He even tackled the Nepali Coast in Kaui at the age of 68.


On many of the trips that we took as a family, or when Mom & Dad had traveled by
themselves, if there ever was a zipline around, Dad was sure to take a ride.  Dad sped
down mountainsides, strapped to a harness, and hooked to a cable all over the world
from Canada to Cancun, with the last and scariest ride being in Mexico.


Some of Dadís other great adventures he enjoyed with our family included skiing in
Utah, waterskiing at Lake Almanor, four wheeling at Lake Tahoe, river rafting down the
Snake River, and traveling around the world.


We loved Dadís sense of adventure, his willingness to try new things, and the joy he
received while participating in these adventures with his family.

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